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What is a rental agreement?
A rental agreement is a legal contract between a landlord/management company and a tenant. The landlord gives up the use of the property being rented in exchange for a monthly rent payment. The tenant gives up a specified sum of money and gets the use of the property in return. These terms, along with the other rights and responsibilities of both parties are written in the rental agreement.

What is a management company?
A management company is a company that acts on behalf of the owner of property to rent the property, maintain the property, collect rent from tenants, etc… in return for a fee. A management company is employed by the property owner to act in place of that owner in dealing with tenants and other businesses and individuals.

What if I have no credit history?
If you have no credit history, explain this to the management company before applying to rent a property to make sure the property owner will accept a tenant with no credit history.

What is a sublease?
A sublease occurs when a tenant does not wish to reside at a property for the entire term of the rental agreement they signed and they look for someone to take over the remaining portion of their rental term.

What do I do if I see a property in one of your rental ads that I would like to rent?
Call our office to make sure the property is still available. Then drive by the property and look at it from the street to make sure you are still interested. Next, call our office if you want to make an appointment to view the property on the inside. Then, call our office an hour before your scheduled appointment to confirm you are still able to come to the appointment on-time. Finally, after viewing the inside of the property, come to our office to complete the background/credit check to apply for renting the property.

Do you rent to tenants accepting rental assistance through the section eight program?
Gore-Rabell manages some properties where the property owners accept tenants on the section eight program. Call our office to find out which properties are eligible for section eight tenants.

Do you have a waiting list for renting properties?

Will you hold a rental property for me while I check it out?
No. We do not hold rental properties without signed rental agreements with paid security deposits.

Can I fill out an application before seeing any properties?
No. You fill out the application after you have already seen the inside and outside of the property you want to rent. We use your application to run a background/credit check on you.

What would disqualify you from being able to rent a property?
Things like evictions, towing other landlords or management companies money for damage or rent, or criminal convictions may prevent us from renting to you. If you have any concerns that something on your background or credit may disqualify you, ask us. We would rather let you know up front if we couldn’t rent to you than take your application fee and then deny you since all application fees are non-refundable.

What is the limit on the number of unrelated persons in a home?
The City of Gainesville limits the number of unrelated persons who can share a residence to three unrelated people.

Is there towing at the property I’m going to rent?
There may be towing at the property. Always ask us before you move-in about towing so you don’t get towed.

Do I get a mail key?
Many of the properties we manage have mail boxes maintained by the post office. If a mailbox is maintained by the post office and the previous tenant did not return a key, you will need to take a copy of your lease by the main post office and pay for new keys to be made.